Here are 3 Steps to update Bluetooth MP3 new software:

Step 1:Down file 'UPGRADE.hex" into your PC. Then connect MP3 with PC.
Step 2: Put the file 'UPGRADE.hex" into the MP3 root menu. (Note: Do not edit the name of Software)
Step 3: After finish, please remove “SEWOBYE" from PC. Then go the Bluetooth MP3 main menu to enter the MP3 menu "Settings" choose "Auto upgrade". It will take about 20S to complete then restart after 10S.

Upgrade the latest software to solve the problem and get new functions and better-using experience:

SW166 is a full touch screen player watch.  Just use your finger to swipe left and right, Just like using your mobile phone, it's very sensivetive to work.

In this video, we will tell you how to:
1.set up" Bluetooth",  connect your wireless earbuds. 
2.Set up  Shuffle playback、Order playing、and signal song play. 
3.Set up Date, Time and other information.
4. Set up Pedometer


Listen to FM radio, Type C to earphone jack adapter need to be plugged in as an Antenna for FM reception.

Step 1:Please take enclosed Type C adapter to plug in the earphone jack port.
Step 2: Please use a wired headphones to plug in the earphone jack hole;
Step 3: Please enter FM mode and search FM radio station.