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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Overall good product for the price

      Fits pretty well, the back piece doesn't fit as snugly but it sits on my head pretty well and doesn't move around much at all. For the price, I think it's a pretty good product. I will use these until they don't work anymore and then I may get a more expensive pair, or I just may get the same pair again. I would definitely recommend these to try if you aren't sure or are on the fence about bone conduction headphones.

      Pretty cool

      I have never owned one of these before, so nothing to compare with it. But seems like a very good value to me. Clear, crisp sounds. Very comfortable to wear. Wish it had dual volume control with a louder volume. I am severely hearing impaired 90% in one ear. But I can actually hear with my bad ear with this device. Pretty cool.

      Real life experiences.

      Great working headset. Works perfect with my Moto. Links up via Bluetooth omost instantly. The plastic part that goes around the ears to the bones digs into the top of my ears a bit when I first started using them but after a few times my ears ajusted.. just like a pair of shoes. Sound quality is actually amazing and loud if need be. I use them for work as I need to converse with alot of people face to face or over the headse, And use my hands same time it's a real convince use to not have to pull headphones out. I do however not recommend this kind of headphones for the gym as you don't want to hear everyone in the gym..

      Good sound, but Not adjustable

      Good sound... others sitting close by can hear the sound coming from speakers but not enough to make out what is being said. There was too much of a gap between the back band and my head making them fit loosely on my ears. If the connection piece had been adjustable these would have been perfect.

      Good headphone

      I have never been a fan of earbuds. They fit for a few minutes and then it is a constant struggle with getting them to stay put. This is only amplified when running. My old headphones started having battery issues, so it was time to upgrade. A lot of runner friends recommend the bone conducting ones. Their comfort is pretty good. I wear them with my glasses and they're fine. I've worn them with a hat and they're fine. I was worried that they would bounce around since there is so much extra material at the back, but the tension on the ears is enough that this isn't an issue, but not so much that its painful.

      My biggest issue with these is the sound quality. If expecting the same experience as some earbuds or over ear headphones one will be disappointed. It isn't that the quality is bad, just not anywhere near as good. Most of the high end is trimmed off. I'm pretty sure this is just a technology issue. Also since these are open ear, any road traffic or whatnot can overwhelm the audio. On the other side of that, I am more aware of traffic than I was before. All in all, I am generally pretty happy with these so far. I will update this after I've run a 100 miles with them.