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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      MP3 player

      Ordered an MP3 player from these people and after three months it stopped working they immediately sent me a new one . Very happy with their after purchase service .

      Great product!

      Love these. I swim laps for an hour or so several times a week. I have been using these for 4 months now and they work great--highly recommend--great value. I just rinse them in tap water after each use.

      Great for swimmers

      Swam a mile wearing these. Listening to podcasts makes the time fly. Great sound quality. Drag and drop from my Chromebook to this device.

      Excellent Product

      I purchased this to help myself get motivated to exercise while in the pool. Before this I would bring out a speaker and it would cut in and out since it was Wifi based. This is a much better option. I can clip it right onto my bathing suit and it stays in place while I swim. You can store over 2,000 songs and shuffle them which is great! The sound quality is also great and doesn't get muffled under water.
      I also love that it fits in the palm of your hand.
      This is really great for any activity where you get wet or sweat a lot. I have brought it to the gym as well and it works great!


      I bought this because I walk an hour every morning and I enjoy listening to music as it makes my walk go by very fast. It is lightweight and has a clip so I can easily attach it to my shorts or sleeve. I am not a techy person but downloading my music was super easy which made me really happy. The sound quality is excellent!!! You can shuffle through your music and listen to the songs you want to listen to. I also like that they included multiple sizes for the earbuds as some of the larger ones dont always fit properly.
      My husband and I go to the lake and go rafting. He fishes and I listen to music and read. So when I need to cool off, I can jump in the water with my waterproof MP3 player. I love it!
      I highly recommend!