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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Super slow shipping. Took over a month. Came with no box from China. Looks super cheap.

      Ordered Feb 20 received on March 24. Came in taped up damaged box from china. Looks super cheap. I'm affraid to use it... not worth the price.

      It’sgood to tap out water from the ear phones when done, they seem to last longer.

      Lap swimming and sounds great!

      Best headphones ever!!!

      Every thing has a wire in it! I have small ears and have a hard time getting headphones to stay put. These have wire through out the whole ear loop, so once i get the buds in i can tighten the ear loop to fit my tiny ears! I swim 3 to 4 times a week and have never had a probably with sound or with them coming off!!!

      Best active-wear headphones. They will stay in your ear no matter what!

      I've bought about 5 different kinds of "active" headphones. I use them when I ride my motorcycle. All of them have been mediocre except for this one! This is the only design that actually stays in your ear in demanding conditions, and it blocks out a bunch of ambient/wind noise to boot.

      The other designs with the thing that sticks out on top to fit inside your ear don't really work that well, and I haven't had good luck with the headphones that have the clip that goes behind your ear either. This design really stays inside your ear.
      If you really want your headphones to stay in no matter what, these are the ones to buy.