General Help

How to Wear your Sewobye Headphones earbuds

1.  Put on goggles.
2. Clip waterproof player to back/side of google straps.
3. Slip the earbud and a bit of cord under the goggle straps before inserting earbuds for less drag and extra security.
4. For the most secure fit, make sure the earbud points straight up and the cord is secured under the goggle strap right above the ear.

** For heavy exercise swimmer, wear a swimming cap and cover half your ear with it.


How to Choose and Replace different size and shape earbuds
Muffled Sound
No Sound
Headhphones-Earbuds User Manual

About Extra Short cord and Extension cord 

  • SEWOBYE waterproof headphones come with a short cord and one more audio extension cord.
  • The short cord is perfect for swimming
  • The extension cord is for different activities when you need a longer fit.  But be ware it's not for charge or connect PC.