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      General Help

      How to Wear your Sewobye Waterproof MP3

      1. Put headphone earbuds securely in ears, worn to their specific wearing instructions.
      2. Clip your MP3 firmly to the back of your goggles, with headphone wires underneath goggle straps.
      3. Plugin your headphones into the MP3 headphone port, press play and enjoy.


      Caring for your Sewobye MP3

      • After each swim, unplug the headphones and rinse the device and its headphone jack under some fresh water. This will help get any chlorine or salt off.
      • Only charge your MP3 after the device completely dry without moisture remains  on the Mp3
      • Do not charge when wet. (This is the most common cause of battery-related issues.)

      Using your Sewobye MP3

      • You can control your music and more with 5 control buttons have been designed with raised ridges that are perfect for wet finger-tips.
      • Play/Pause: Press middle button once to play then press again to pause any audio track.
      • Volume Up*: Press "+" button once to increase Volume Up.
      • Volume Down*: Press "-" button once to reduce volume down.
      • Set Shuffle mode: Long Press "+" button to enter Shuffle music playing mode.
      • Set Normal mode: Long Press "-" button back to Ordered music playing mode.
      • Fast Forward/Next Track*: Short Press ">>" button to Next Track and Fast Forward.
      • Fast Back/Previous Track*: Short Press "<<" button to PreviousTrack and Fast Back.
      • You can put your Any MP3 file onto your Sewobye MP3 by copying and pasting audio files into the Sewobye's hard drive. You can find it in your computer's devices when it's plugged in. You may need to covert your music files to be in the correct file format.
      • You can now organize songs into ordered lists by numerically naming your songs.
      • LED Light Messages
      • Playback Mode:
      • Shuffled: LED #1 (the top left LED) quick blinking light
      • Ordered: LED#2(the middle LED) slow blinking light
      • Low battery: LED#3(the top right LED) slow blinking light
      • USB Mode:
      • Charging and Data transfer: LED#2 and #3 very quick blinking light
      • Charged: LED#3  solid light
      • * If there's No any files inside your MP3, LED#1,2,3 blinking, and then turns off automatically in 50 seconds.