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      2 Models for Various Hand Sanitizers

      Gel/Liquid Model & Foam Model

      For all common hand sanitizers, hand soaps, and washing free sanitizers.

      Always wash your hands and wash them right!

      Personal Setting to Meet Different Needs. Better Protection for longer service life.

      Adjustable Dispensing Dose

      You can set it 1 drop or 2 drops for every use.

      1 drop=0.8ml

      2 drops=1.6ml

      Security Lock Key for Better Protection

      Prevent damage caused by tampering or vandalism, improve the service life of soap dispenser.

      2 Ways to Charge Battery Charge: 4 or 8 AA Batteries, Cordless

      (batteries not included in package)

      Plug into Oulet:

      To use Plug In feature, please purchase a 6V Power Adapter on your own.

      Replaceable Nozzle

      The nozzle inside the soap dispenser is replaceable. It's advised to change after a period of time, to ensure consistent performance.

      We give 1 extra nozzle in the package for replacement.

      Wall Mounted, No Damage to Wall

      Gift: 2 Drilling-Free Srews Included in Package

      √There are 7 holes on the back of soap dispenser for wall mounting.

      √We give 2 drilling free screws(holding weight up to 6kg per screw).

      If you need stronger loadbearing, more drilling free screws are available for purchase.

      √Package also comes with Expension Screws for alternative drilling installation need.