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      Portable Commercial Ozone Generator Water Purifier for Water Tanks

      Why water tanks need sterilization

      The water tank will slowly breed algae and bacteria. In order to remove algae and bacteria attached to the inner surface of the water tank and purify the water source, the water tank needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This ozone generator is designed for sterilizer water tanks.

      Why choose ozone generator for water purification

      1 Broad-spectrum sterilization

      This ozone generator can sterilizr water tanks by killing a wide range of bacteria and algae.

      2 No secondary pollution

      The disinfection substances are reduced to oxygen and water after disinfection. Disinfection is complete and the circulation diffusion treatment without dead corners has a continuous disinfection effect.

      3 Easy to install

      The original water tank does not need to be changed. It only needs to be fitted with aeration stones. Connect the ozone outlet and the aeration stones with a silicone tube and put the aeration stones into the water tank.

      4 Easy to use

      After the QLA-5G-W ozone generator's working time is set, the operation is automatic and the working state can be adjusted without special supervision. If you need to change the working time, reset the timer.

      Having a clean water tank is having a healthy living enviroment. Contact us and have clean water now!


      Small cuboid design

      High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

      Adapted corona discharge technology, long service life

      Light weight, portable to be taken

      Easy to operate, save time and worry

      Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

      30 min timer, free from repeat settings

      Chinese/European/American plug support, adapt to different needs