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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Good product.

      These earbuds work well and sound great.

      Sound quality is great!

      Sound quality is great, clear and crisp. I can enjoy music well on my way to work! Plus for adjusting the volume I no longer have to mess around with my phone, I simply click and hold the earbud for a few moments and the volume goes up and down. (You long press the left one to make the volume go down and long press the right to make it go up). A great feature! Its very easy to do!

      Love battery life

      I love these earphones!! These are such high quality and for the price, you can’t go wrong!
      The case is so durable and it charges the earphones so fast! The sound quality is also amazing! I love a strong bass, which this has.
      It’s perfect for working out because it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about sweat getting on them.

      Super easy to use. Long-lasting charge.

      I don't review stuff often, but this set is one of the best things I have bought:- 1) Super easy to use. They live at either end of their cylindrical power pack. I just hold by both ends between thumb and middle finger and squeeze for 0.5 of a second and they are ready to remove from their snug placements and place in my ears. As I put them in I hear them announce "power on". I turn on Bluetooth on my phone and they announce "Connected". When I am done I just re-seat them in the power pack and I turn off Bluetooth (to disconnect) on my phone. They power off automatically after being disconnected for a couple of minutes. There is no need to explicitly power them off.
      2) I find the sound quality is good. 3) I am confident to use them in wet conditions. I do try to dry my ears before I put them in. (I keep the power pack dry). 4) One charge of the power pack lasts a long time. I use them 1 hour each day; I have had them 6 weeks. The power pack has not needed to be recharged yet (I fully charged it once when I got it). 5) The power pack can also serve as additional power for a phone (I have not used it for this yet but I can feel it compares in weight with a small external power pack I already own) 6) Finally, I find the design is excellent: compact, simple, easy to set up, easy to use, well built, stylish and robust. The thing is just a beautiful piece of engineering and design.

      Convenience using.

      Because it is lightweight, as time passes, it is light enough to forget to turn on. You can charge it, you do not have to buy or exchange batteries. Economic. I have not used the hands-free call yet, but the music sounds beautiful. What I used before was often that the earphone would drop off poorly, but in this case, it can hang on my ear, so I can use it without falling down.