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      Customer Reviews

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      So Easy & Works Really Well

      I am so pleased with this product and how well it works for whitening teeth!
      I was excited when it first arrived because the packaging was so nice - it wasn't flimsy like the other ones I've tried and could tell it was going to be of quality.
      I opened it and found the applicator brush, the LED mouthpiece - everything was there!

      I really liked using this because it only takes 10 minutes out of your day to do compared to the strips that take 30 minutes and is very uncomfortable. This is quick, painless, and just so easy! AND it works super well! It's effective and efficient.

      I also really appreciate the applicator brush which allows you to apply it perfectly to your teeth without getting it on your gums!
      I would 100% recommend to those looking for an easier and quicker way to whitening their teeth!