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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      I purchased this to help myself get motivated to exercise while in the pool. Before this I would bring out a speaker and it would cut in and out since it was Wifi based. This is a much better option. I can clip it right onto my bathing suit and it stays in place while I swim. You can store over 2,000 songs and shuffle them which is great! The sound quality is also great and doesn't get muffled under water.
      I also love that it fits in the palm of your hand.
      This is really great for any activity where you get wet or sweat a lot. I have brought it to the gym as well and it works great!


      Been looking for a small mp3 player without a camera for a long time for husband. This thing is perfect. The sound is so clear, with high memory capacity, you can put a lot of songs in it. The headphone is awesome, you can��t hear anything but your music when you put it on. I am very excited to try using this player in the pool. But for now, my husband really love it. It is tiny enough that he is able to stick it to the collar of his shirt and just play music while working ?? highly recommended.


      Awesome Sewobye MP3 player. Compact, light weight, and has great sound. Easy to upload music to and has 2 types of earphone covers plus extra covers included. Included are a charging/dowloading cord with USB plug on one end and an extender cord to make charging cord longer. I used this MP3 player while walking/sweating in the Florida heat /humidity and it got soaked in sweat, but was still working very well. It also solved my issue of when using my phone to listen to music as I walk, my phone battery usually runs extremely low, but with the Sewobye MP3 player this is no longer an issue. Absolutely love and highly recommend the Sewobye waterproof MP3 player!


      I bought this product for fun ! I am not a professional swimmer of anything I just like to go to the pool every day and when I heard about this cool MP3 player that��s also waterproof I had to buy it ! It actually has a great sound and I really love the earbuds to it ! It is really waterproof ! And it is very easy to use ! It has a great price for this quality and I would buy from this brand again ! The battery life is very long lasting and I love the blue color ! Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase !


      This is a nice little waterproof mp3 player. It doesn't come with a lot of instructions, but is pretty self explanatory if you have previous experience transfering files from your computer to an external device such as another mp3 player, phone etc.
      This mp3 player is a very compact and lightweight and a great little companion to take swimming or running or to even use while relaxing in the tub! It is completely waterproof (including the special headphones that are included!) This is the perfect little music device for the summer, especially in certain situations with water & heat/sweat where you might be afraid to mess up your much more expensive devices such as your phone &/or headphones!