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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Nifty gadget for swimming with audio

      I am impressed so far with this little device to bring audio to your swimming workouts. You might need to adjust the fit during rests but it holds up well otherwise. The audio is quality isn't Bose but is decent enough for the purpose. Would recommend.

      Underwater sound.

      This is the best sounding and easiest to use player. I like it much better than the waterproofed iPod shuffle for 4 times the price.
      I swim 28 miles per month and 8 gb means can go a long time and not hear repeats! Great deal with quality earbuds really sound full.

      plz help me with driver...i have windows 10

      i have this since some days...i use it today for first time (i sinc yesterday with my pc and i had no problems...) and no problems in water. then i go back home cant connect to pc! so i cant add new song on it plz help! i think this is the best mp3 waterproof i ever had but now with this problem it's useless!!

      i have already tried some tricks i found on web but nothing work... 9/10 the pc cant see the mp3 player!!

      Better than the last one

      I bought this same MP3 from a different vender. It never worked well and clonked out a month after I got it. The other vendor told me I could ship it back but I would have to pay labor. Hardly worth it. This one works better and has a year warranty. We are optimistic this one works out better.

      Ah heat, nothing better to cool off than a swim in the pool.

      Ah canicule, rien de mieux pour se rafraîchir qu'un petit bain dans la piscine.
      J'ai offert ce lecteur mp3 100% étanche à ma maman, elle pourra écouter sa musique sans fatiguer les oreilles de papounet🎶🎶😅 💦Il est tout petit, 5cmX4cm et s'accroche grâce à une attache, aux lunettes, bretelle de maillot, caleçon de bain...peut servir à d'autres sports, comme la course à pied. 💦Il se connecte à l'ordi pour y télécharger vos musiques, les câbles sont fournis. 💦 Capacité de lecture 16h00 💦La qualité du son est vraiment bon même sous l'eau. 💦Livré avec une 2ème paire d'écouteurs pour s'adapter au mieux à votre physionomie.