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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Better than the last one

      I bought this same MP3 from a different vender. It never worked well and clonked out a month after I got it. The other vendor told me I could ship it back but I would have to pay labor. Hardly worth it. This one works better and has a year warranty. We are optimistic this one works out better.

      Ah heat, nothing better to cool off than a swim in the pool.

      Ah canicule, rien de mieux pour se rafraîchir qu'un petit bain dans la piscine.
      J'ai offert ce lecteur mp3 100% étanche à ma maman, elle pourra écouter sa musique sans fatiguer les oreilles de papounet🎶🎶😅 💦Il est tout petit, 5cmX4cm et s'accroche grâce à une attache, aux lunettes, bretelle de maillot, caleçon de bain...peut servir à d'autres sports, comme la course à pied. 💦Il se connecte à l'ordi pour y télécharger vos musiques, les câbles sont fournis. 💦 Capacité de lecture 16h00 💦La qualité du son est vraiment bon même sous l'eau. 💦Livré avec une 2ème paire d'écouteurs pour s'adapter au mieux à votre physionomie.

      Without a doubt, a wonderful swimming tool

      This MP3 is an incredible tool for swimming laps. I bought it about six months ago and it has helped to encourage me to swim longer and faster laps. Because I have issues with my neck, I only swim with a snorkel so I don't have to come up for air, which means that my head is always under water. Prior to getting this SEWOBYE, I started to get bored swimming, but now it's like when you hear music and start dancing! Of course the sound quality isn't stereo, but it's quite good, especially under water. It certainly enhances your motivation to work out longer and enjoy it to boot.

      Finally, no more boring laps!

      A swim audio product that works as advertised! Makes swimming long distances enjoyable. Will try to download a book or podcast next. Holds plenty of music, and sound very good. Sometimes fiddle with my right earplug, but think I have it sized correctly now. Sometimes a good song starts playing on my last lap, and I stay in for several more.

      GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you!

      GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you! ... I am loving it! I can finally enjoy great music while exercising in the pool! I'll have to buy more because now my kid and husband want them too! It can be a great gift for any occasion! Summer is coming so I will be using it a lot. I can't believe it was so cheap! Thank you Again! I am a happy customer!