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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 64 reviews
      Great MP3 palyer for it's size

      I bought this back in Oct 2019. I have used it basically every day. I just recently had problems with my headphones. One ear not working properly. I contacted them Jessica email w/in hours (not days) she told me she would send me a replacement FREE of charge. She sent me the replacement on the same day as I wrote this. For swimming if you are doing laps this is a great little MP3 player. While you are using it you don’t realize you have it on. Very compact & light. I also, love the battery life on this. Since I have had this I have only had to charge it several times (can count on 1 hand). I swim every day for at least 30 minutes. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a waterproof MP3. As someone mention a lot cheaper than an iPod shuffle. THANKS Jessica for your great customer services.

      Tip Top

      Its all fine thanks


      It works great easy to download and very happy Thank you

      Nifty gadget for swimming with audio

      I am impressed so far with this little device to bring audio to your swimming workouts. You might need to adjust the fit during rests but it holds up well otherwise. The audio is quality isn't Bose but is decent enough for the purpose. Would recommend.

      Underwater sound.

      This is the best sounding and easiest to use player. I like it much better than the waterproofed iPod shuffle for 4 times the price.
      I swim 28 miles per month and 8 gb means can go a long time and not hear repeats! Great deal with quality earbuds really sound full.