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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      built MP3 player and easy to use

      This is a very well built unit that gives me music every week for my swimming. I bought this thinking that I would supplement it with other earplugs and I bought some more expensive swim ear plugs. But I think I like the ones that came with the device better than any of the others I've tried. I get a good play time for the week on a one-time charge.

      There is no Bluetooth connection, so you need to download songs in advance and you will not be able to stream from the phone. I was able to insert ~ 800 songs, most of which were at 320 kbps. This MP3 player also came with a nice headphone and USB charging cable that connects to the MP3 port. It is very impressive, especially the style.

      The songs are played in the order in which they were stored on the device's file system. This will allow you to create your playlist in the order in which you copy the files to the device.

      Remember to pull the earmold plug when you're done so everything can dry out and you're ready to go! Make sure it is dry before connecting it to the computer or charging cable.

      Great waterproof headset for swimming.

      This is a great headphones good swimming. I have used it a few times so far and works great. The sound quality under water is not too shabby either. Better than the Pyle I bought and died on me. Only time will tell.


      I bought this product for fun ! I am not a professional swimmer of anything I just like to go to the pool every day and when I heard about this cool MP3 player that��s also waterproof I had to buy it ! It actually has a great sound and I really love the earbuds to it ! It is really waterproof ! And it is very easy to use ! It has a great price for this quality and I would buy from this brand again ! The battery life is very long lasting and I love the blue color ! Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase !


      I was shocked to hear how well this MP3 player sounded! I have posted a video playing music from the headphones..sound comes in loud and clear enough to hear on video! This comes with 4 songs already on there which I liked cuz I couldnt wait to try it out! The headphones are almost like earplugs that work great in the pool! I use it in the pool all the time I just pop those in my ears and it takes me to another place :)


      I use this mp3 for more than just swimming but also to ride my ATV in the mud and it never has any problems.. The whole family uses this and really enjoys! Kinda weird but I also love the pre louded songs that came on the device